Art, with unexpected limits, allows you to experiment with your creative skills.


One cube, six sides and an infinity of possibilities. The basic idea of this activity is to give each participant a cube. Separated in groups   they have to use each side of the cube like a pixel which will eventually form an image, a mural or a gigantic puzzle. The topics worked on will be chosen based on the values, the colors, the logo of the company etc. The interchangeable sides create a multitude of possibilities as well as the final position of the assembly. The groups have free rein to use all their creativity.


This team work activity joins together culture and urban art. The participants design one or more artistic mural by using Graffity techniques. The aim is to portray and to present the motto of the company or its corporal values. We provide white canvas, sprays and protective clothing for the teams. An activity that lives by the creativity of each one and of all.   


We test the skills of your team and challenge them to construct an air-bridge, produced only with cardboard and wooden sticks. The construction must be sufficiently robust and stable enough so that it can be crossed by a remote controlled car. This activity generates powerful team building skills, good innovative results in the team, strengthens team cooperation and above all shows that together everything is possible.


Workshop and Cocktail tasting; Mojitos, Gin and tonics, Caipirinhas and many other exotic combinations of our creative flavours!! They bring their own recipes but also they will leave you the freedom of creating your own, with its mixtures, its colors and aromas... a brilliant, very dynamic experience and in addition a chance to discover new secrets.

Cooking for Team Building is an interactive and fun-filled experience. An ideal way to improve the communication skills of participants, and bond group. We offer a variety of culinary team cookings based on local recipes as the famous Paella or the Tapas.

A new artistic proposal based in 4 workshops rotations: SCRATCH DEEJAY (musical), BREAKDANCE (dance), BEATBOX MC (expression) and the GRAFFITI (visuals). A STREET SCRAMBLE with the 4 keys of the Hip Hop linked. This state of mind was born in New York fifty years ago somewhere between the Bronx and the Harlem ghettos. Today it´s an interesting way to communicate, to express yourself, to reflect or simply to suggest other ways to do. A final debrief is expect at the end of the activity to anchor all the related values. 



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