Music is one of the most fabulous forms of expression of human beings, its melodies create strong emotions in us
and its communicative power drives us to overcome limits.


A music masterclass for rewriting lyrics. Participants have to rewrite and personalize a well known song using a topic related to their company in order to explain a line of products.  There are limitless possibilities all of which are based on previously established objectives. Participants will be split in groups, and each one will work on part of the whole song. The completed song is the perfect tool to convey the desired message within the context of the event.

A great motivation tool for large groups. Warm up activities are generally used as energizers ahead of a long work session or conference. A short activity of max 5 to 10 minutes generates a high impact and degree of attention. We wake up everyone’s brain cells and generate a positive response/attitude towards the work ahead. Ideal first thing in the morning.


A musical uniqueness to create and produce music by means of iPads with applications to make countless tunes. The participants split into groups and create their own composition that will be presented to judges consisting of two artistic managers. Methodology and creativity building the core values for a surprising result.

The base of the African percussion is the djembe, an instrument that develops the whole activity. Transmits corporate values, bridges distances, creates cohesion, encourages creativeness and especially raises awareness of the non-verbal communication values. An effective and funny group training.


A new challenge for your enterprise group... a corporate videoclip where all employees and managers participate in singing a play-back, dancing or performing gags related to a specific topic or enterprise related values. Ideal for office openings or original corporate messages.


The group becomes a united orchestra where the role of each participant is essentially to reach the common objective: gain a musical harmony using synchronization, communication and collective thinking. Therefore the participants use original and fun, easily handled instruments that depending on its size produces different sounds. Each sound belongs to a special colour.

Pure emotion and magic, when someone feels like the authentic protagonist of a big orchestra and a big choir which together is synchronized for interpreting the majestic piece of music from Vangelis „Conquest of Paradise“. An activity that seeks alignment, involvement and transmits a big membership of identity. Emotional communication impact.

Discover and learn how to play rumba from Barcelona! By means of rhythmic clapping, guitars and flamenco box drum, the participants interact sitting next to each other to achieve a collective “Rumbero” of very joyful, amusing and entertaining rhythms. The objective of the workshop is to build rumba songs to promote the cohesion and the communication of the group.

A small trip to the heart of the Afro-American music, with the aim to learn to sing 2-3 gospel themes like pros in an entertaining but none-the-less learning process, based on gaining a voice range, working creativity and group dynamics. It is about creating collective consciousness, bridging distances, communication management and reaching group consensus. In the making of music, listening is as important as participating.



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