This team of 162 people spent a few days in Barcelona and trusted Amfivia to organise a human towers exhibition and a team building experience: A Day on the Beach. After an intense first day with a Human Towers exhibition, the time to play, compete against each other and have fun arrived for this large group! After a fresh lunch in the beach club right in front of the sea, the 16 teams, out of the 162 participants, took place in different activities properly organised with Amfivia’s team: kayak, giant paddle, beach tennis or beach football were only some of the categories participants could take part in.

The hours under the sun were relieved with water and sun cream provided by Amfivia’s team, and participants gave their best to bring their team to the first place. Although the effort of each and everyone, only one could be the winner: the price giving took place in a private terrace in front of the sea with privileged views of the blue sea. The 162 ended this day toasting for an unforgettable Mediterranean experience with fresh cocktails and drinks.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Castellers Exhibition and A Day on the Beach
  • Theme: Full day activity
  • Place: Barcelona
  • 170pax

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