Well-known it is that the harmony of nature brings peace to those who spend some time in the mountains, away from the daily, loud rush. In moments of stress and tension at work, a walk in the woods or a relaxation session with inspiring views with the team can bring serenity and help in the decision-taking and creative processes. This was exactly our goal when designing this outdoor team building experience.

A team of 21 members enjoyed a morning Nordic Walk after breakfast: with the help of the walking sticks, they trekked along soft hills in the Montseny Natural Park, that lies only 1 hour away from Barcelona. After the walk, it was time for an inspiring relaxation session with views to the Natural Park, to enjoy the moment and re-connect with the own body and mind. Before lunch, participants could learn some habits to improve their health and keep their body fit.

A nourishing, freshly cooked meal in the rural hotel Can Cuch gave the team time to share. A shot of quality time and fresh air to start a successful new season. Namaste!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Nordic Walk + Relaxation + Healthy workshop
  • Theme: Full day activity
  • Place: Montseny Natural Park
  • 21pax

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