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Three Medieval challenges in one exclusive venue: this is our Medieval Playground! A team building activity that poses three different team challenges inspired in the legendary Middle Ages. The rotation took the participants through a catapult factory, a trencadís workshop and an archery shooting field.

The group, divided in 17 different teams, were pushed to give their best during the 45 minutes that every challenge took. A delicious and warm coffee station warmed the teams on a cold rainy day, that nevertheless performed at a very high level. Although everyone did a great job and enjoyed every challenge, only one could be the winner at the end. In the final prize ceremony team 5 received hand-made wooden medals and a giant cava bottle for the final toast. Congratulations everyone!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Medieval Playground
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Can Magí, Sant CUgat
  • 150pax

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