U Drone Circuit challenge is our new team building challenge: will your team be able to build a 5 different air gates using sticks and cardboard strong enough to be crossed by a drone? This team of 20 people was looking for a creative and fun team experience in Barcelona and we suggested our newest Drone Circuit. Challenge accepted!

After a warm welcome and a short brief to explain the challenge and the game rules, we divided the group into teams and gave them the design of the different doors to be built. Supported by our staff, and with the available materials and the given time, they built a large drone circuit ready to be tested. Now the time of truth arrived: one team member, selected by the colleagues, had at this point the responsibility to pilot the drone and cross the different air gates! It was not an easy flight, but at the end, everyone cheered the pilot and celebrated the success of this team challenge. A great shared experience, outdoor and sustainable. Good job!



Key Facts

  • Outdoor Incentive activity
  • Teambuilding: Drone Challenge & tapas lunch
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Barcelona Coast | Beach club
  • 20pax

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