A busy afternoon was in store for the team of 45 intrepid explorers. The mission was clear: they had to reproduce a Picasso masterpiece! This is The Counterfeiters!

After a short briefing in their hotel, participants were driven to Barcelona’s historic city centre to find the lost 72 separate pieces that make the lost and huge masterpiece. Teams had to locate the thieves, that were wearing different costumes and were hidden throughout the old city centre. The team building experience, combining logical thought and artistic talent, was a thrilling challenge for participants, who had to be fast and awake to properly follow all clues presented.

This time participants were able to collect all pieces, and after enjoying some refreshing drinks, they could enjoy the complete masterpiece, with no pieces missing. Good job!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Collaborative Treasure hunt
  • Theme: Spy game
  • Place: Barcelona Historic centre
  • 45pax

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