The Experience

Barcelona is not only famous worldwide for its monumental interest and leisure possibilities: people all over the world visit our city to enjoy the delicious tapas: Mediterranean sophisticated snacks, warm or cold, that mix the best of our ingredients with the best of our culture. The result: a tasty fest for the five senses!

An international client was looking for a local team building experience but did not want to do it the classic way. Our suggestion for them: What about a creative tapas contest in a local cuisine under the instructions of a professional chef?

We offered local ingredients and a whole kitchen to our clients, that followed the steps of our chefs to cook these small, delicious food treats called tapas. Although only one team was given the first price, all participants were regarded with the most desired reward: a delicious tapas dinner based on the tapas they had already cooked. Que aprofiti!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Creative Tapas Contest
  • Theme: Half-day activity
  • Place: Cuina Canela Fina
  • 14pax

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