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We like large groups because we can do huge, beautiful art with them! Our client was looking for a creative team building experience in the city of Barcelona for its team fo 72 that came from Poland and Malta.

Antoni Gaudí, one of the biggest Catalan artists and father of the world-known Sagrada Família, used to work with the Trencadís art technique, and in HFC we developed a workshop to make this beautiful accessible to every person and every team. Through this highly individualized, and one-of-a-kind style, participants could develop their creative and handcraft skills and share their beautiful creations with the rest of the team. They not only got to know Gaudí’s art and philosophy thanks to our briefings and support, but also take home with them unique pieces made out of their team’s creativity and team work.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Trencadís Workshop
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Poble Espayol (Barcelona)
  • 72pax

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