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A small team, a big challenge: to build a circuit out of cardboard and wooden sticks stable enough to be crossed by a drone. Welcome to Drone Circuit Challenge!

After welcoming the participants to this beautiful, exclusive venue and our short briefing, we divided the group of 9 people into different teams. Each one was in charge of a different gate design: following our instructions and supported by the staff, teams had to design its own strategy to complete, within the given time, this construction challenge.

Once the first phase of the activity was successfully completed, the critical moment arrived. A chosen member of the team was chosen to pilot the drone that, after some trial, perfectly crossed all the gates built by the team. A nice activity that brings key aspects of team work into practice: communication, decision-taking and individual engagement to reach a shared goal. Well done and congratulations everyone!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Ideate & Create
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Barcelona
  • 9pax

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