High Fidelity designed a team building experience in collaboration with sustainability specialists, an outdoor game to raise awareness about sustainability issues and 17 SDGs: ECO HEROES

On this occasion, we created a new version of the program with the CRAM, a marine animal recovery center. Before starting the ECO race, teams enjoyed a private visit with on going explanations from experts in order to understand how el CRAM has protected the marine environment and species since 1994.

Once the visit was over, the teams got on ebikes and followed their routes on their ipad to visit the Llobregat Delta Natural Park. They had to stop at different checkpoints to complete a challenge, each one was related to a specific sustainable development goal. A fun way to visit this unique natural environment just at two steps from the city center of Barcelona and get an insight on sustainability issues in a fun way.

With the game, employees could discover the 17 SDGs, we created the content with sustainability experts, informative quiz questions and collaborative challenges that allow us to address these topics in a simple and playful way.

The team building ended up connecting the company’s sustainability strategy with the questions raised during the experiences lived that day. The feedback received from participants about the organisation of the event, the guided visit and the experiences was very positive.


Key facts

  • Event: Team building sustainable
  • Theme: SDGs
  • Lugar: CRAM y Natural Parc Delta de Llobregat
  • 40pax

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