Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to contact us ?

We are active from monday until friday from 9 to 6pm. We believe talking is more effective than emails, don’t hesitate to give us a call to start talking about your project.

If you need a quick quote for your event, we invite you to click on”get in touch“. By answering some quick questions you will allow us to understand better your needs, we commit to come back to you in 24hours. Another option for general information is to use our Contact page.

In which destinations do we specialise?

We are based in Barcelona and Ibiza and are local experts of Catalonia and Baleares. We operate in Barcelona, Sitges & Penedes, Girona & Costa Brava & Garrotxa, Pyrenees, South Catalonia & Balearic Islands, destinations where we organise most of our team building and outdoor meetings & experiences. We have developed over the last 15 years an extense network of trusted collaborators (providers, venues, convention bureau) that help us to offer you the best inspiring surroundings and conditions. Our collective also has the methodology, skills and resources to design tailor made outdoor events in other areas of Spain (Valencia, Madrid and Andalucia) and in other destinations in Europe on demand of our clients. We embrace each project as if it was unique and we love when our clients push us to discover new places and get out of our comfort zone.

Why team building experiences are worth it ?

Teamwork is one of the most important factors of success. For this purpose, we do our best to communicate clearly and design the best team experiencies to fullfill your expectations. Our team building activities focus on highlight the importance of:

  • Communication
  • Solving Problems
  • Creativity
  • Trust

What benefits bring organising your meeting outdoor?

Experiential and sustainable meetings in the open air offer a safe and healthy environment to all participants and allow to reconnect your employees, strengthen your team and allow some time and space to reflect and initiate productive conversations.

We tailor made your program matching your concepts with experiences in order to reinforce your message and create lasting moments, the right climate for change and team transformation. Our Team offsite enhance cohesion, happyness and well being of the group as well as allowing to work effectively on content. We offer the recipient you provide the content and our team of facilitators can also help you to design fruitful training content that will meet your objectives.

How do we create valuable online team building experiences?

Online meetings don’t replace human interactions but working from home can be an adventure! 100% customised, actors and professional animators, material sent at home, we offer to break the monotony of remote working with fun virtual challenges that allow you have fun with your colleagues collaborating. From online games that highlight the importance of communication to online escape games focusing on problem solving to hybrid online experiences where everyone can share the same experience. We spice up your next online meeting with engaging online group experiences.

How do we convert your event into a lasting experience?

Our formula for a lasting experience? Inspiring surroundings, powerful experiences and smooth logistics combined with effective contents. We create our team building experiences with passion, we take care of the smallest logistic details using inspiring locations that will match the concepts you work on. Our team building programs are designed with the focus on participant experience and codified to be easily transferred to your professional environment.

We believe trust is the first pilar for efficient teamwork, establishing quality human relationships among your team come first. Our meetings are designed so your people can share meaningful experiences and reinforce cohesion. Organising a meeting between four walls is a missed opportunity, we carefully select for our outdoor meetings locations close to nature in order to offer the right context to motivate and inspire your team.

We developed over the last 15 years a wide range of powerful group experiences designed to enhance cohesion that we can select and adapt to match your concepts. Energiser, warm up session, team building workshop, we tailor made programs on demand of our clients. We have an extensive experience in running organising outdoor events logistics, from small to large groups. We anticipate our client’s needs and take care of the last details in order to offer the best participant’s experience.

We collaborate with trusted network of HR facilitators that can help you to develop effective content and match your concepts with meaningful activities to reinforce and fix the learning experience. We select carefully our collaborators and we teamwork to offer innovative and sustainable outdoor event solutions.

How do we transform your group into a team?

We create innovative Outdoor meetings solutions, we make the most of the 300days of sunny weather and design and produce unique outdoor experiences, authentic and powerful to inpire your people and make your team evolve from real to ideal. Authentic natural settings, inspiring locations close to nature allow to create the right conditions for introspection, create cohesion and work on content. Our offsite team conferences combine our 3 areas of expertise and allow you to create the right climate for change.

What budget is needed?

We are experienced in offering flexible solutions, we try to adapt our offer to our clients’ budgets. We make sure to be aligned concerning purpose, objectives, procedures and resources when elaborating your proposal. Being transparent on budget allow us to establish healthy, creative and realistic solutions.

How far in advance should you plan your event?

The more time we have, the more it will help us to offer you a premium service and obtain better rates with external providers. The sooner will be always the better for both parts.