Ibiza is the perfect combination of relax and fun. World-known for its paradisiac, hidden blue bays, picturesque coastal villages and a legendary nightlife, the island was the chosen scenery for a new edition of our geolocated urban gymkhana: iPad race challenge by HFC!

We designed the route hand in hand and on the field with our local partner and a local guide, who showed us the most beautiful corners and hidden gems of the city of Ibiza. Once all check points were set, all of them with interesting information and pictures, it was time for participants to take part on the adventure! Each team equipped with one of our iPads, this group of 30 was taken, following the hints of our iPad race App, to the selected spots to carry on different challenges, tests and quizzes. This interactive team building activity was designed to be a balanced mix of fun and exciting facts about Ibiza: culture and team cohesion, all in one!

The island was, once again, a pleasure for the five senses, and we want to thank all our confident partners and network of suppliers all their effort to make iPad race Ibiza edition possible. We hope to see you soon, and «bona hora baixa»!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: iPad race by HFC
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Ibiza island
  • 30pax

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