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An exceptional destination

Organiza tu evento en harmonia con el gran espectáculo de la naturaleza. Macizos montañosos con rincones de belleza por donde mires. Lagos, ríos y humedales repletos de fauna. Playas, calas y vertiginosos acantilados...

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Inspiring Surroundings

40mn from Girona airport, a stunning nature between volcanoes and coastline

Powerful Experiences

Based in Barcelona, we offer an extended selection of activities: music, beach, visits…

Smooth Logistics

We design carefully our experiences and deliver a smooth logistics

Effective Content

You need effective content? Our team of experienced HR facilitators can help you


Turn Girona old city into a playground with our app

An interactive & customised urban rally to discover the city

iPad race is a team building gymkhana, teams will follow a personalised route to discover Girona old town while overcoming fun and ingenious challenges that will lead participants to discover the hidden treasures and fun facts. But remember, Big Brother will be watching you!

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Turn Cami de ronda, an old coastal path into a playground with our app

Enjoy an interactive team building rally themed on local history

iPad race is a team building gymkhana, teams will follow a personalised route to discover Cami de ronda coastal route while overcoming fun and ingenious challenges that will lead participants to discover the hidden treasures and some fun facts. But remember, Big Brother will be watching you!

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Originality consists in going back to the origins

Discover the technique developed by Gaudí

Trencadís´(to break in Catalan) is the artistic technique developed by Antoni Gaudí, characteristic of the Catalan Modernist architecture. With U feel Gaudi, your team will learn how to us use old ceramic pieces to decorate and to create new volumes, visual effects and messages on a surface.

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A Challenging artistic experience

Designed to test your teamwork skills

Challenge your team to enlarge a specific image using the available resources within a limited time: painting masterpiece, your logo or illustration, reproduce the original in big dimensions!

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Express a message as a team

Learn Graffiti techniques from experts

Get equipped, find a message and express it visually together with your teammates. Directed by graffiti masters and animated by a DJ, our workshop, will test your communication, creativity, teamwork and leadership. All the necessary ingredients for an interactive and engaging group activity.

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Align your team towards a common goal

Will you be able to finish on time?

Stimulating, codified and with a high recreational component, this team experience requires participants to show their best skills in solving challenges and unforeseen situations. Innovation as well as collaboration between teams will play a crucial role in delivering the project on time!

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A thrilling workshop to dive into catalan traditions

Learn and be part of this impressive team experience

We invite the participants to design and complete their own human tower construction. Under the supervision of experienced Castellers, they will learn the basic concepts that can be applied to the business world such as organisation, planning, strategy and final execution.

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Choose a song, compose your lyrics

Record your own company hit!

Engage your team with an exciting musical team experience to foster team cohesion, company values and good vibes! Choose a famous song, re-write with your team a new and original lyric to create your own corporate hymn.

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Face your teammates in a Live music quiz

Bring live music & playfullness to your event

Guess the singer, band or title of a song played LIVE! Show off your musical knowledge and performing skills and compete for nominations and awards, just like the MTV Video Music Awards! Who will be the star of the show?

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Learn the basic techniques from Ibiza’s DJs 

Perform your own live gig with your team

An activity born in Ibiza that will allow to have fun learning all the basics from DJs experts. Using an analog set with original Technics cymbals and authentic vinyls, you will practice scratching like professionals. All teams will have the chance to perform their own session that will be recorded.

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Girona has been chosen to shot the famous Game of Thrones series, no doubt as it transmits magic and a strong personality. Its history, its culture combined with gourmet gastronomy makes it unique.

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One of the most iconic islands in the world to celebrate an incentive meeting.

Location & Climate

Girona is located has a strategic position located at 30mn from pre pyrnees and the costa brava, it enjoys cool winters and hot summers with thriving experiences at each season.


Girona is a privileged place when it comes to natural heritage. Rivers flowing through the city centre, Mediterranean and riverbank woodlands, mountain ranges, a perfect scenery for outdoor events.

Exclusive Venues

Ibiza has the best venues for putting together a busy work schedule or the most attractive incentive trip.


Girona is a city on a human scale with all the charm of a larger city.


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