Undertake an outdoor adventure with your team!

Compete in a series of thought provoking challenges

Overcome challenges within a time frame in specific checkpoints of Garraf natural park at just 30mn from Barcelona. Participants will move equipped with a map, a compass and an iPad with our geolocalised app. Will they be able to navigate successfully and solve ingenious challenges? An entertaining team building program in the middle of nature.

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Team on board ready to sail!

Compete in a classic regatta and enhance teamwork

Embarking from Port Ginesta in Castelldefels, participants will compete in a sailing regata. Teams will be challenged to handle a vessel and make a run as fast as possible! Accompanied by professional skippers who will direct them, participants will have to work together like a well-oiled machine. Strategy, team spirit, coordination & communication will be the keys to bring your team to victory. Become skippers for a day!

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Feel the Mediterranean vibes!

Fun activities thrown in for good measure

In the most beautiful beach of Gava Mar located at just 20mn from Barcelona, your team will have the opportunity to participate in a series of beach activities that can be held in a competitive or an open format. From paddle surf, kayaks and navigation to volleyball and beach soccer, a challenging and energetic experience to enjoy Barcelona coastline in an active way. Vamos a la playa?

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An exciting aquatic competition in the Olympic canal of Barcelona

Welcome to the Olympic Canal of Barcelona where the athletes competed during the Olympic games of Barcelona ’92!  We invite your group to compete in a series of rowing and aquatic challenges to test your strength, ingenuity and capacity to collaborate. Organised by teams, you will enjoy competing in rotation in various water based games and races proposed. Harder, higher, faster!

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Wonder why children love playing in the sand?

A sand sculpture workshop to enhance teamwork

We invite participants to demonstrate their creative talents modelling different sand castles under the tutelage of our Sand Sculpture Artists. This activity can be organised in a collaborative or competitive format and each team will have to demonstrate their ability to teamwork: goal setting, defined roles, communication, collaboration & innovation.

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Face your teammates in a Live music quiz

Bring live music & playfullness to your event

Guess the singer, band or title of a song played LIVE! Show off your musical knowledge and performing skills and compete for nominations and awards, just like the MTV Video Music Awards! Who will be the star of the show?

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Choose a song, compose your lyrics

Record your own company hit!

Engage your team with an exciting musical team experience to foster team cohesion, company values and good vibes! Choose a famous song, compose with your team members a new and original text and supported by professional musicians, record your hit like a legend. The stage is yours!

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A Challenging artistic experience

Designed to test your teamwork skills

Challenge your team to enlarge a specific image using the available resources within a limited time: painting masterpiece, your logo or illustration, reproduce the original in big dimensions!

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Express a message as a team

Learn Graffiti techniques from experts

Get equipped, find a message and express it visually together with your teammates. Directed by graffiti masters and animated by a DJ, our workshop, will test your communication, creativity, teamwork and leadership. All the necessary ingredients for an interactive and engaging group activity.

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Explore catalan traditions

Participate in three folkloric experiences

Catalunya is rich in customs and traditions. We invite all the participants to learn more about this culture through a series of activities, organized in teams and requiring a lot cohesion and communication : Els Castellers or human towers, the Gaudi´s Trencadis technique, the Sardana & Ball de bastons dance, the Bitlles catalanes, its wine…

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Which team will prepare the best Paella?

Learn the secrets of this traditional from expert chefs

The word paella originates from the Latin term “patella”, which was a flat plate on which offerings were made to the gods. We invite participants to make their own offerings and discover for themselves the secrets of making their own paella in a lively competition against their colleagues!

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An entertaining cocktail workshop

A sensitive and social team experience

Cocktails are more fashionable than ever, we offer to experience a fully sensory and social experience where participants will be invited to elaborate their own cocktail creations. Supervised by experts, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary so your team become cocktail experts!

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At just 20mn from Barcelona, nature and green mountains will make you feel you are far away from the city buzz. Endless possibilities of outdoor activities under a bright blue sky.

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A beautiful coastline with Garraf Natural park mountains in the background where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year long

Location & Climate

Barcelona coastline is at just 20mn from Barcelona, a0mn from the airport and has an average of 300 suuny days a year


With mountains and the mediterranean sea at two steps, you can do any all the outdoor physical activities you like

Exclusive Venues

Beach clubs, exclusive hotels, rural mansions, private manor houses, many venues have been converted into functional spaces for events


Beach, mountain, nature and always with a salted breeze from the sea.


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