High Fidelity Collective

Find out how our collective is driving positive change & sustainable growth

After the crisis, the time has come to rebuild. This moment is an opportunity to rethink our collective and develop a new model of prosperity. We are commited to reduce as much as possible the negative impacts of our activity and drive positive change with an adequate balance between our economic, socio-cultural & environmental actions.

How do we integrate sustainability?

Integrating sustainability in our collective
Integration of sustainability in our business model
Integration of sustainability in our operations

Creating sustainable experiences

Designing experiences and services that respect precise criterias of sustainability

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Implementing internal policies

Adjusting our operations to have a significant contribution to sustainability

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Collaborating with local entities

Establishing stable collaboration in and with projects with positive impact

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Certification Biosphere for sustainable active tourism & adventures

We have decided to take a step further and started a process of certification with Biosphere for Active Tourism in order to guarantee our compliance with all principles of sustainability and continuous improvement in which we can have positive impact.

What is the Biosphere Tourism Active Tourism Certification?

The certification guarantees the following principles of sustainability and continuous improvement for a non-aggressive tourism models, satisfying the needs of our clients and without compromising future generations.

Climate change

  • Clean energy
  • Affordable energy
  • Climate action


  • Decent work
  • Economic growth
  • Innovative services


  • Responsible production
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Protection of ecosystems


  • Gender equality
  • Partnerships for the goals
  • Good health & well-being


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