Outdoor, experiential and sustainable!

Nature based experiential meetings solutions  

MICE sector has been stuck in events solutions that didn’t change for decades despite the world, mentalities and our planet is evolving and requests new solutions. We need to move a step beyond traditional event management and make the next events in person more human and sustainable. Shifting from known environments and getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to learn new ideas and interact better with others. We offer a range of exciting destinations for your team to connect: biosphere reserves, national parks and protected areas of astounding natural beauty.

We tailor make your conference and adapt your daily program to match both your meeting objectives and organisational learning goals. Take some time to build trust among your team members with powerful outdoor experiences to reconnect with nature and Team building activities to strengthen cohesion. We create situations that allow you to work effectively on content and make the learning stick. Live a memorable team experience in the open air and embark on a transformational team journey.

Let’s move a step forward to traditionnal meetings

Itinerant based nature meetings & outdoor team building workshops

Make your next in person meeting count!

Adaptability to collaborate effectively as a group

Create the right conditions to perform as a team

Shared experiences close to nature to inspire, motivate and develop teams.

Let’s make your next event count!

Let’s make it outdoor, experiential and sustainable

Move a step beyond traditional meetings

Choose tailor made & sustainable outdoor event solutions

Our aim is to make that meeting in person will have a positive impact on your people, your organisation, our planet and the community. With the sanitary crisis, we have entered into a very different work environment, the ability to collaborate and work effectively has never been so important, this fast-changing environment that demands every day adaptability and flexibility. Being humanistic and connected to nature and our planet is more important than never ever to live in balance with technological advances.
Our objective is to offer an inspiring context so meeting in person will be a lasting experience with added value for participants and the organisation, allow some time and space to live shared experiences, to reconnect, get to know each other better and work on effective content. We believe meeting into nature brings many benefits, it allows to enhance harmony and wellness which is key for creating long lasting and healthy relationships among the team members. In a world where agility, creativity, and innovation will be needed to solve future challenges, we believe our shared based nature experiences are efficient tools to motivate inspire and develop groups into teams

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