Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Event: Christmas Party
  • Theme: Private Circus
  • Place: Barcelona
  • 250pax


Broadening the technical and scenography base of the Elephant Club, we added a splash of creativity and many extra props to convert the space into a vintage circus halfway between Big Fish and Moulin Rouge.

Participants were greeted outside with fire jugglers and a fun photo-call before entering the Big Top where acrobats, contortionists, lion-tamers, magicians, and the ring master on stilts welcomed them.

But the main show was not in the centre of the big top. We represented the final minutes backstage, with the entire cast of artists (symbolizing the end of 2010) before jumping to the centre stage (symbolizing 2011).

The dinner-cocktail moved between Christmas chicken confit, colourful mini burgers, hot dog stands, candy floss & popcorn stands and a customized selection of finger-foods. Also Japanese noodles, scampi, mini casseroles and daring and delicious dishes cooked with nitrogen were on offer.

All catering staff and the bar were also themed and the liveliest participants also had the option to do a dressing / makeup workshop with professionals on hand to help out.

Music, lights, projections, artists and the great participation of the participants shaped the magic of the circus on that cold winter night.