The Event

HFC designed and co-created a convention of reference with particular focus on rigour and strengh. We were responsible for the conceptualization, artistic and technical production, the social program and all ground services.

Accommodated in the Forum, meetings were held at the CCIB where we built a spectacular backdrop for 3 days related to the Fortress Building Convention.

During these days and between workshops and meetings, we organised different activities related to this topic. On one hand, the tapas tour was combined with spectacular performances at the Convent del Àngels, and on the other hand, we had a gala dinner with medieval style: giants, traditional music, fireworks and animation in the Sant Marçal Castle.

The team building activity consisted on creating a Human Tower (Colla Castellera) in the Poble Espanyol. Close to the convention, we connected the strategy with the structure of the Montjuïc Castle with a party that became the Montjuïc Esferic Fortification with an impressive futuristic staging.

Rigorous and perfectionists with our work, the feedback received from participants about organization, placement, catering and timing was really positive.

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Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Event: Convention global summit
  • Theme: Fortress
  • Place: Barcelona
  • 200pax

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