Turn Barcelona into your own playground with our app

Enjoy an exciting and interactive team building rally

iPad race is a geolocalised interactive rally, teams will follow a personalised route while overcoming fun and ingenious challenges that will lead participants to discover the hidden treasures and corners of the Barcelona’s Gothic and Born quarters. But remember, Big Brother will be watching you!

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Discover Barcelona city in an experiential way

Share with your teammates local experiences

A no-rush urban gymkhana in which teams, following a map and a roadbook, will have to overcome 4 challenges located in the most beautiful corners of Barcelona’s historic city centre and related to local gastronomy, music, art and culture.

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Discover the mosaic technique developed by Gaudí

Complete the experience with a modernist building visit

Trencadís´(to break in Catalan) is the artistic technique developed by Antoni Gaudí, characteristic of Barcelona’s Modernist architecture and present all over the city. With U feel Gaudi, your team will learn how to use old ceramic pieces to decorate and create new volumes, visual effects and your own message in an artistic way.

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Challenge your teamwork skills with an artistic experienc

Complete the experience visiting the iconic Picasso museum 

Challenge your team to enlarge a specific image using the available resources within a limited time: painting masterpiece, your logo or illustration, reproduce the original in big dimensions! The experience can be combined with a visit of Barcelona’s Picasso museum.

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Learn Graffiti history visiting Barcelona’s trendiest area

Learn Graffiti techniques from experts & transmit your message

Get equipped, find a message and express it visually together with your teammates. Directed by graffiti masters and animated by a DJ, our workshop starts with a visit of Poble Nou and will test your communication, creativity, teamwork and leadership skills. All the necessary ingredients for an interactive and engaging group activity.

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Explore catalan traditions through three folkloric experiences

Complete the experience with a traditional lunch at Poble Espanyol

Catalunya is rich in customs and traditions. We invite all the participants to learn more about local culture through a series of activities. Organized in teams, the challenges will test your cohesion and communication skills: Els Castellers or human towers, the Gaudi´s Trencadis technique, the Sardana & Ball de bastons dance, the Bitlles catalanes, its wine…

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Bring energy & focus to your team event

Get aligned through rythm & reach harmony

Supervised by the best Drum specialist in Barcelona, enjoy a percussion workshop to connect and reinforce the group harmony by learning to be in tune with your teammates. An exciting musical experience that will show participants a new way to understand the collaborative work.

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Learn the basic techniques from Ibiza’s DJs 

Perform your own live gig with your team

An activity connected with Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife that will allow your group to learn all the basics from DJs experts. Using an analog set with original Technics cymbals and original vinyls, you will practice scratching like professionals. All teams will have the chance to perform their own session that will be recorded.

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Face your teammates in a Live music quiz

Bring live music & playfullness to your event

Guess the singer, band or title of a song played LIVE! Show off your musical knowledge and performing skills and compete for nominations and awards, just like the MTV Video Music Awards! Who will be the star of the show?

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Get your team into rythm with passion

Learn the basics of flamenco from professionals!

Invite your team to discover this beautiful traditional dance and experience its essence through a workshop led by professional dancers. Learn the basic steps and discover the beat of Flamenco playing with your colleagues. Will your team be able to master the art of Castanets. Ole!

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Undertake an outdoor adventure in Barcelona’s natural parks!

Compete in a series of thought provoking challenges into nature

Overcome challenges within a time frame in specific checkpoints of one of Barcelona natural parks. Participants will move equipped with a map and a compass. Will they be able to navigate successfully and solve ingenious challenges? An entertaining team building program in the middle of the nature.

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Team on board ready to sail!

Compete in a classic regatta just like in 92′ Olympics games

Starting from the Olympic port of Barcelona, teams are challenged to handle a vessel and make a run as fast as possible! Accompanied by professional skippers who will direct them, participants will have to work together like a well-oiled machine. Strategy, team spirit, coordination & communication will be the keys to bring your team to victory. Ready to sail?

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A leading tourism destination, natural parks, mediterranean sea, modernist architecture, unique local traditions, great transport & facilities, gourmet gastronomy and endless possibilities of experiences for groups. Barcelona has it all!

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Visit the most cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean sea!

Location & Climate

Welcome to sunshine city, Barcelona enjoys one of the most optimal number of hours of winter daylight in Europe.


Barcelona with its weather offers the possibility to organise outdoor activities all reay long, beach, mountain, culture, music, wellness sustainable activities, we match your concept with experiences..

Exclusive Venues

Barcelona offers extensive possibilities of venues and locations to organise your corporate event, from rural to modern to nature, the possibilities are endless and can be adapted to all tastes and budgets.


A city by the sea with unique architecture & encircled by natural parks


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