The premise of the local Calella Council was to rethink the concept and offer for its historical, traditional and well-known Fira de Calella, this time celebrating its XXXI edition, in order to position and differentiate the Fira de Calella for quality, value, content and rigor.

Together with the Fundació E3, and designed around the theme « Monograph of Sport », a playful-based sensitizer day in sport and physical activity was organized in order to highlight and enhance its social and beneficial benefits to both the body and mental health aspects.

Conceptualizing and addressing the project in the most inclusive way possible, we divided the privileged location on the beach in 2 areas:

  1. Area Activities:

Open to the public both young and old.

– Sport and health: The objective of this space was to raise awareness around the benefits of moderate physical activity and healthy habits at all ages.

– Sport and Play: recreational par excellence, where participants could experiment with cooperative, opposition and traditional games for example.

– Adapted Sports: Together with TRACE (Catalan Association of head trauma and brain damage) and FCPF (Catalan Foundation for Cerebral Palsy) we designed different experiences and awareness activities where both entities affected a dynamic participation.

– Animation: Different actors characterized as impossible athletes raised smiles by interacting with the visitors.

  1. Tent Zone:

Lectures and symposia attended by elite athletes and coaches of various sports, as well as journalists and significant personalities from the world of sport.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Event: XXXI Fira de Calella “Monográfico del Deporte”
  • Theme: Iberian traditions
  • Place: Calella – Barcelona
  • 220pax – 40.000 visitors