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Rallye urbain artistique pour 700pax

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E-BAY requested us to design a team activity where participants could disconnect from the content of their conference held in Barcelona and had the chance to get to know the city in a fun and relax way.

After considering different options together with E-Bay and our partner Factor3 Events, the activity that best responded to their final objectives and expectations was corporate game that transmitted the value of the company located in Barcelona city centre.

We offered one of our best stimulating urban gymkhana with a final wow effect guaranteed : The Counterfeiters!
A group of expert art thieves  stole the most famous painting of the city, the counterfeiters, your team will have to get back the original within 3 hours in order to complete the mission.
The original Picasso masterpiece, has been divided in 300 pieces and the thieves  (actors with carefully chosen characters) hold them in order to get them out from the country…

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