Team building events


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A tailor-made team experience in front of the Mediterranean sea: for this team of 66 people, we designed a personalized program to share quality time and reinforce team spirit. Our Ipad race was the kick-off: with iPads and divided in teams, participants were challenged to find their own way along the Camí de Ronda of Girona, a wonderful path right in front of the sea, only accessible by foot and with beautiful and remote small beaches along the way. From quizzes to videos: the better they would perform, the more points our Big Brother would give to the teams! The last checkpoint of the rally was in the team’s own hotel, were we presented them the next team experience: Drone Circuit Challenge!

Again, divided into teams, participants were challenged to design their own strategy to build aerial doors with cardboard and sticks. Once the time available was over, a drone had to successfully cross all the doors. At the end, the 66 participants could celebrate the victory and toast for team work well-done! Congratulations and all the best for 2020!

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