Enhance physical, mental & eating habits among your team


Mindfulness & emotional intelligence workshops


Learn healthy routines and useful active break exercises


Balance your nutrition & activate your immune system


Tailor made wellness plan based on your individual needs


Enhance the well being of your employees with wellness workshops directed by experts.

Why wellness is a critical factor for success?

Create a healthy work environment that takes care of its people and takes care of the integral well-being of your team. We partner with a network of professionals that cover the three pilars of wellness: physical, mental and emotional. Psychoneuroimmunologist, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, coach in habits and energy nutrition, in personal development, in leadership and mindfulness. We offer wellness workshops or integral transformation plan.

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Tailor made workshops to enhance healthy habits

Mindfullness & emotional intelligence workshops

Increase your ability to work without distraction, learn to focus in the present, to calm your mind and relax your body. Our mental wellness capsules allow your group to decrease your level stress and better process emotions. A closer connection with others will help your team to find well-being and enhance intra team communication. Get out of your routine, connect with your colleagues and enjoy a healthy workshop experience in the open air!


Refuel your team energy and learn practical daily exercises 

Learn healthy routines and active pauses exercises

Stimulate your team both physically and mentally. Learn techniques to improve stress and emotional management and understand the relationship between all the dimensions of your body: physical, mental and emotional. We allow your team to acquire through a workshop all the tools to understand and take care of their own body: Protect and care for the back; improve concentration; increase vital energy; increase self-confidence and in the team; relieve chronic pain, prevent injuries.


Workshop to enhance healthy eating habits

Increase your physical wellness & activate your immune system

Understand what the immune system is and how physical exercise, stress, nutrients and eating habits can affect your well being. Discover how preparing healthy snacks and breakfasts in order to increase your energy. Learn how to adapt your diet to fit with the level of energy needed. Get to know the most appropriate techniques to make the most of the nutrients and learn different proposals quick and easy to implement in your daily routine.

Disconnect your mind & reconnect with your body

Well being session to reconnect with yourself

Relaxation, anti-stress and detox! The aim of this Yoga workshop is to lead the body and the mind towards a state of alertness. This yoga & mindfulness capsule practical tools to confront life in a balanced way. Strengthens bonds, contributes to employee’s well being and enhance harmony of mind & body. Ideal before a long day of meetings.

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