A team of 170 people had the chance to enjoy, in November, a full weekend of team building in some of the coolest spots of the city of Barcelona. The fun began with a Catalan bowling competition in the evening to push the energy of the group. Divided into different teams, and following the instructions of Amfivia staff, participants had to throw as many pieces as possible to bring their team to the first position. Nothing can beat the feeling of a clean strike!

Sunday was packed with team building activities in Barcelona city centre: in the morning, our urban rally across the old streets of Barcelona was on the agenda: iPad race was, again, a great tool to bring participants together through an interactive tour with fun challenges and games. After a delicious lunch in the near from Plaça Reial, we moved the team to an exclusive art gallery: a beautiful and inspiring space to carry on our favourite crafts and arts workshop: Gaudí’s Trencadís! A colourful art experience based on Gaudí’s legendary technique of broken tiles. The 2-days experience was designed to offer participants a wide insight of the rich Catalan culture, and our goal was that the team of 170 experienced this together to foster new interactions and collect beautiful common experiences. We hope they had as fun as we had during the organization and the production of this unique team building experience!

Key Facts

  • Offsite meetings
  • Teambuilding: Catalan traditions, iPad race challenge & Gaudí’s mosaic
  • Theme: Incentive experiences
  • Place: Selected venues in Barcelona
  • 170pax

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