Barcelona has a thriving street art scene and the neighbourhood of Poblenou, with its disused factories and abandoned buildings next to the harbour, houses some of the city’s most popular spots to admire spectacular graffitis from local and international artists. Each graffiti hides a story behind it, and this story has most of the times a close relationship with the city, its society and its culture. Exploring and discovering these public artworks with their story and, afterwards, creating a unique piece in teams are the two main goals of our urban culture experience Graffiti Workshop.

Our graffiti experience started with a short walk from the actual experience site to give participants the chance to some of the most representative pieces of Barcelona’s Poblenou street art at first hand along with expert commentary from our street artists. After soaking up the atmosphere, it was time to go to the re-purposed warehouse to start the activity: cardboard box walls were soon being transformed into works of art all of which incorporated the 5 values of the company: divided in teams, the group had to give their best to create colourful and powerful graffiti designs. Animated by a DJ, our workshop tested the communication, creativity, improvisation and cooperation of the team. The time soon came to choose the winner through popular votes from all the participants.  A great artistic team building experience to discover an alternative view of Barcelona through the eyes of expert artists and a unique opportunity to express a team statement with spray. Well hip-hopped!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Graffiti workshop
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Barcelona Art Gallery
  • 1 team 45pax

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