iPadRace® challenge by HFC

is a team building gymkhana played with tablets that challenges teams to complete a route while overcoming fun and ingenuous challenges that lead to discovering the hidden treasures and corners of the city. And just to let you know: the Big Brother will be watching you!

2-3 hours

discovery &
team work

Interactive &

10 pax min.

ready to play?

We will divide your group into teams

Our staff will make a short briefing on game rules

The game is on!
Overcome the challenges, be creative and have fun.
But remember: the Big Brother is watching you!

End of the game.
All teams get together again

Price, ceremony & celebration!

who is our Big Brother?

Omnipresent during the whole rally, the Big Brother is Amfivia’s own player within the game. Always closely watching the teams and their moves, Big Brother is able to:

Communicate with teams through the App’s chat

Control the timings and make sure hat teams make good use of it

Give points once teams submit their challenges live

Punish or reward teams depending on their performance

Give assistance to teams at anytime

Send new and spontaneous challenges during the game to enhance competitivity

all in one app

Create your team profile with a name and selfie picture

Follow your customized route to discover the city

Score points with quiz questions and creative photo or video challenges

Interact with Big Brother and other teams

Check your ranking updated live!

Use gadgets to help or undermine the other teams

Customize the game with corporate content

Enjoy photos and video material taken by the teams

look what they said

I would recommend iPadRace challenge for the creativity of the challenges and the interactivity with Big Brother

A perfect mix of culture and fun! Perfect to discover the city with challenges and
foster team relationships

complete your game

turn the points into individuals contributions to local social projects

personalize items and venues and spread your message

let our cameras & photographs make it unforgettable

add food or drinks before or after the game