Music brings people together and we have designed a team building music experience that tops it with a powerful message: the beliefs and values of your company!

Directed by our Master of Percussion Santi Carcasona and supported by our staff, this team of 50 people started their experience testing some instruments and practicing with different rhythms and sounds. Afterwards, they were challenged to re-write the lyrics of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida based on the main values of their company. Divided in teams and assessed by professional musicians, each team was given the necessary time and space to find the right words for the appropriate message. Once each team hat sent to our staff their part of the song, all participants were gathered together again to give their best to sing it in front of a professional camera and a professional sound system: not only was an unforgettable moment, but they will also have the chance to listen it in high quality as many times as they want and to watch the moment when they turned the values of the company into a powerful song. A team building experience to rock the stage!

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