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An Outdoor conference of 4 days and 3 nights in a quiet, rural environment is a good framework to carry on an outdoor team seminaire.

For this group of 10 participants, the destination chosen was Terres de l’Ebre, only 2 hours away from Barcelona. A region surrounded by beautiful natural parks with rich flora and fauna and watered by the legendry Ebre river, Terres de l’Ebre also offers the possibility to carry on many activities in parallel to the program developed by the facilitator. Trekking and biking were on the agenda in this occasion, letting the team get directly in touch with nature and its many benefits. Local food and exclusive accommodations topped the program, that allowed participants to deep in the process, reflect and share in a context very different from the one they experience on their daily routine. A lasting team experience.

Key Facts

  • Outdoor Conference
  • Duration of the program: 4 days, 3 nights Journey
  • Location: Terres de l’Ebre (Catalonia)
  • 10pax

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