And finally, the first Nomadic Journey of 2018 arrived! We designed a personalized 5-days-program with a clear goal: turn learnings into lasting experiences. A unique team building experience in the middle of the nature!

The location chosen by our client was Seville, located in the South of Spain. A beautiful, sunny land surrounded by olive trees and hills, peaceful and calm. We organized the journey according to the clients’ needs: an old and charming, exclusive rural hotel to work long hours in groups, bright rooms for small meetings and local cuisine. Parallel to the program, we designed outdoor activities to empower inspiration and thrive introspection: a trekking along the Cerro del Hierro Natural Park and a exciting bike ride along the Sierra del Norte greenway.

The sun joined us every day and participants enjoyed the week away from their rushing working routine. We gave them time and space to reflect, think and reconsider their personal life and professional career. Surroundings fix the learnings, and we wish the amazing views we shared with them help the team getting every day better professionals and, therefore, better persons.

Key Facts

  • Teambuilding: Leadership Program
  • Theme: Nomadic Journey
  • Place: Seville (Spain)
  • 7pax

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