Outdoor sustainable conference into nature

Combine different meeting capsules!

Build your own program for your conference connecting three innovative meeting formats. We tailor make your event to your needs.

Itinerant meeting

Evolutionary itinerant programs in Garraf Natural Park. Breathe, walk and talk!

Team workshop

Collaborative & stimulating team building to transfer learnings to the professional context

Team incentives

Half day leisure experiences to have fun & get to know each other better

How we organise it?

We organise offsite conferences in inspiring locations of Catalonia & Balearic islands. We adapt the flow of each day and the experiences we include to your objectives and your budget. A team conference allows your group to combine different meeting capsules: itinerant work sessions, outdoor meetings, team building workshop and leisure activities. We help you to build the ideal flow & package in order to maximise the impact of your next in person event. Make it count, make it outdoor sustainable and experiential.


Our outdoor meeting solutions can help you to reinforce cohesion, reconnect and stimulate your team. We create and produce well codified group experiences which outcomes can be easily transfered to the professional environment. Half day gathering or full day experiential outdoor programs to stick the learning, reinforce cohesion and stimulate your team through a memorable group experience.


Enhance team cohesion with lasting experiences in inspiring surroundings. Reconnect with oneself, the purpose, the organization & with nature.


Improve your team cohesion with group experiences, take distance from the routine, enjoy quality conversations and stimulate your team with powerful group experiences.

Develop trust

Enjoy a meeting in a safe & healthy environment. Outdoor spaces, fresh air & powerful experiences to enhance the cohesion of the group.

Lasting experience

Generate memorable moments that anchor content and learning through inspiring environments, powerful & authentic group experiences.

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