Our team building activity MOUNT&BIKING challenged 115 delegates of a multi-national company and 30 kids from the Fundació Ampans to build together as a team 16 colourful mountain bikes that were, at the end, donated to the foundation.

After a short briefing and the division of the group into teams, a mix of kids of the foundation and the multi-national delegates, the process of construction began. Supported by our staff, teams built the bicycles in a collaborative way, bringing the effort and the talent together to bring all the pieces together to overcome the challenge within the given time.

The final results were amazing, but the most precious benefit was the process to reach them. Thanks to everyone involved for making this possible!

Key Facts

  • Social team building
  • Mount&Bike
  • Half day activity
  • Place: Manresa, Barcelona
  • 115pax

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