Is there a better way to go around Barcelona than inside a Seat 600? The SEAT 600 is a city car made in Spain from 1957 to 1973.  It was a relatively inexpensive vehicle that has soon become an icon of the period. It is always sympathy that local people look at them passing by in Barcelona.  A group of 30 participants were organising a corporate event in Barcelona with our partner Tikoeb events and they requested an original transfer, they just loved this idea!

Splitted in groups of 2/3 people all participants took the road on board the Seat 600, our participants visited the most iconic places of the city with ongoing comments from our authentic driver and had the chance to stop at a view point to see panoramic views of the city. Everybody enjoyed the experience and arrived in the most classy way at the restaurant.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Seat 600 experience
  • Theme:Original Transfer
  • Place: Barcelona tour
  • 30pax

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