High Fidelity Collective

Find out how our collective is driving positive change & sustainable growth

The time has come to develop a new model of prosperity in the events industry. We are commited to reducing the impacts of our activity on the environment as much as possible and driving positive change with an adequate balance between our economic, socio-cultural & environmental actions.

We took the commitment in 2021 to offset 100% of our carbon footprint as an organisation and for each of our event. We plant 1 tree per person per day in association with our trusted partners from Tree nation.

How do we integrate sustainability?

- Creating sustainable team building events
- Implementing sustainability in our business model
- Partnering with selected trusted local entities to have positive impact
- Investing 1% of our benefits for the planet

Our mission: Designing events that create positive SOCIAL impact with local entities

  • Linking companies with local communities that drive positive impact
  • Collaborating with local entities and associations
  • Designing micro grants program to support local social projects
  • Offering decent work conditions and work life balance to all collaborators
  • Collaborating exclusively with partners that respect sustainable policies.

Our mission: Designing events that respect our PLANET

  • Raising awareness about the importance of climate action among companies
  • Collaborating with non profit associations focused on environmental actions
  • Compensating 100% of carbon impact of your events & of our activity
  • Collaborating exclusively with partners that respect our sustainable internal policies.
  • Investing 1% of our benefits in reforesting our planet and protecting nature

We partner with local entities to co create micro grants & associations in order to offset at 100% your carbon impact as well as ours.

Associació  Sol i Vida

Non-profit organization that offers a social project in Barcelona Natural park.

Associacion Casa Infantil de la mina

Accio social con la infancia

Tree nation

Helping companies to plant trees and offset their CO2 emissions

Save Posidonia Project

Pioneering eco project in the western Mediterranean Sea

Our model for sustainable active tourism & adventures

We have decided to take a step further and started a process of certification with Biosphere for Active Tourism and B Corp in order to find new ways of doing things better. We work hard everyday to keep improving our compliance and consistency with principles of sustainability and sustainable development goals.

What is the purpose of Active Tourism Certification?

Certification guarantee the following principles of sustainability and continuous improvement for a non-aggressive tourism models, satisfying the needs of our clients and without compromising future generations. Nevertheless we strongly believe that concrete actions are better than words so we always look at our projects through the lens of sustainability.

Responsible Production

  • Reduce – Km0 approach
  • Reuse – No waste
  • Recycle – No plastic allowed

Decent work & Economic growth

  • We guarantee decent work conditions to all our collaborators
  • We respect small companies and gender equity
  • We create innovative collaborative solutions with partners

Climate Action

  • Protection of biodiversity: Save Posidonia Project
  • Protection of ecosystems: Tree Nation

Positive Impact

  • Tourism has been included as targets in Goals 8, 12 and 14
  • inclusive and sustainable economic growth
  • sustainable consumption and production
  • sustainable use of oceans and marine resources


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