U ART CONNECT is a collaborative team building experience where participants are challenged to reproduce, divided in different teams, a painting into a massive masterpiece. Effective communication, creativity, time management and problem-solving are key to achieve the goal successfully. Moreover, brushes used during this activity are afterwards donated to Casal La Mina, a non-profit organization based in La Mina, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Barcelona, that fosters kids’ education and relations. A win-win situation for the whole community!

This edition of U ART CONNECT took place in Mas de Can Riera, an old farmhouse with beautiful gardens, perfect for such an outdoor activity. The masterpiece to be reproduced was Head of a Woman, by Pablo Picasso. After an artistic and instructive briefing, the challenge was presented, as well as the timings and basic procedures.  Divided into teams, participants had to reproduce parts of the painting on their canvas. Once the time was over, the different canvases were put together and the result was extraordinary: all pieces perfectly connected with one another and Picasso’s woman looked fantastic! Our client decided to take the big painting to their offices so that they never forget the great beauty of team work done well. Congratulations to the artists!

The day ended with a delicious dinner and a cool party to celebrate the victory. A great experience in a privileged surrounding!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: U ART CONNECT
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Mas de Can Riera
  • 80pax

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