The experience

We have been collaborating for many years with Poble Espanyol as organizer of team building activities for its clients and using its unique spaces for our events. On this occasion, the client was an insurance company that was organizing a seminar in Barcelona for its employees who have achieved their objectives. The participants came from all over Spain for this incentive trip and the objective of the group activity was to reflect this diversity with a playful experience that would allow visiting the Poble Espanyol in a fun way.

Taking advantage of the synergies and spaces offered by Poble Espanyol, in Amfivia we have created a tailored team experience: an urban rally with iPads that leads the participants through the most beautiful corners of this cultural space. The participants had the chance to learn about the traditions and customs of Spain, its most characteristic architectural works and the different towns of the peninsula in just a couple of hours.

The participants, divided into 37 teams, toured the streets of Poble Espanyol in search of different locations representative of the various regions of Spain. In the different check-points of the urban rally, the teams were presented with creative challenges (singing, dancing …), several competitions of local culture and recordings with their iPad in order to accumulate more points than the rival teams. All animated with our actors and professional actresses distributed throughout the venue. The rain, abundant, did not prevent the participants from enjoying the experience. It is a pleasure to organize a new custom teambuilding experience together with our friends from Poble Espanyol.

Key Facts

  • Incentive: Tailor made event
  • Teambuilding: Ipad race urban rally
  • Theme: Half day group activity
  • Place: Poble Espanyol
  • 217pax

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