Team work open air programs

Feel the Mediterranean vibes!

Fun activities thrown in for good measure

In the most popular coastal towns near Barcelona and Ibiza, your team will have the opportunity to participate in a series of beach activities that can be held in a competitive or an open format. From paddle surf, kayaks and navigation to volleyball and beach soccer, it will be a challenging but thrilling circuit for everybody. Vamos a la playa?

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Team on board ready to sail!

Compete in a classic regatta and enhance teamwork

Teams are challenged to handle a vessel and make a run as fast as possible, accompanied by a professional skipper who will direct them. Participants will have to work closely together like a well-oiled machine. Strategy, team spirit, coordination and communication will be the keys to bring your team to victory. Ready to sail?

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Undertake an outdoor adventure with your team!

Compete in a series of thought provoking challenges

Overcome challenges within a time frame in specific checkpoints of a natural park. Participants will move equipped with a map and a compass. Will they be able to navigate successfully  and show resolve? An entertaining team building program in the middle of the nature.

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Design, build and cross a bridge and a zip line

Align your team towards a common goal

A thrilling outdoor experience that challenges teams to build, install and cross a bridge and a zip line using professional climbing material. This team activity will require technique, planning, ressources management… and lots of trust on each other!

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Wonder why children love playing in the sand?

A sand sculpture workshop to enhance teamwork

Demonstrate your creative talents modelling different sand castles under the tutelage of our Sand Sculpture Artists. This activity can be collaborative or in a competitive and each team will have to demonstrate they can work as one in: goal setting, defined roles, communication, collaboration & innovation.

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An exciting aquatic competition in the Olympic canal of Barcelona

Welcome to the Olympic Canal of Barcelona where the athletes competed during the Olympic games of Barcelona ’92!  We invite your group to compete in a series of rowing and aquatic challenges to test your strength, ingenuity and capacity to collaborate. Organised by teams, you will enjoy competing in rotation in various water based games and races proposed. Harder, higher, faster!

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Walk in the footsteps of the athletes

Live the Olympics again and enhance teamspoork

Feel like professional athletes and take the road to compete just like in 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. The place where great champions of athletism walk to face glory or defeat. We invite your team to compete in a series of olympic challenges and benefit from the positive and cohesive values that the Olympic Spirit conveys.

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