Turn your city into a playground

Turn any outdoor space into a playground with our app

Enjoy a fun and interactive visit of the city

Compete in a geolocalised treasure hunt, each team will follow a personalised route while overcoming fun & ingenious challenges. An exciting outdoor game to energise your team and discover the best spots and hidden secrets of the city you visit.

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Prepare your strategy & explore the city

Discover the city while competing in challenges

An urban rally that requires team strategy and creativity to lead your team to victory, challenge selection, wise time management and a competitive spirit will be the recipe for success. Get your shoes, go out and play!

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Turn your team into art counterfeiters for a day

Find the thieves, reproduce a masterpiece!

¡Flash news! An elite group of thieves has stolen the most important Picasso masterpiece in the city. Find the thieves and collaborate as a team to replace the original in less than 3 hours in order to avoid detection by the museum.

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Explore the city in an experiential way

Discover local culture through experiences

A no-rush urban gymkhana in which teams, following a map and a roadbook. Teams will overcome 4 challenges located in the most beautiful corners of the historic city centre and related to local culture: gastronomy, music, art and culture.

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A fascinating city game with an ambitious goal

Find the original map of the Sagrada Família!

The original map of the Sagrada Família had been lost after a colossal fire. Nothing could be further from the truth! A priest divided it into pieces and gave them to the Guardians. Will your team be able to find the hidden Guardians and recompose the map?

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Raise awareness about SDGs with an outdoor game

Turn your team into eco heroes, create positive impact!”

Turn your team into natural heroes! Divided into teams, participants are challenged to follow a route on their iPads and overcome various challenges related to 17 SDGs. Points that will be converted at the end of the game in contribution to help the planet. Enjoy an educational, motivating and fun team building activity and create positive impact.

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