September. The start the school year for everyone, including children and adults. Getting back into the business routine is not always easy, so why not surprise your team with a team building activity in Barcelona? Volvo Penta did just that.

Dedicated to marine and industrial engines & systems, they were focusing this particular conference on customer service, performance, passion, change and trust; values they shared with their sales employees, from various European countries who meet once every four years to interact with each other.

Taking advantage of the warm summer evenings, we proposed an artistic workshop in the privileged setting of the Sant Miquel Monastery in Poble Espanyol. The result of this team building was a selection of mosaics, each of which represented one of the company values which a member from each team then presented to the rest of the group. What a great souvenir, now they just have to decide in which office they will go to!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Team building: Gaudi’s Trencadís
  • Theme: Artistic workshop
  • Place: Poble Espanyol – Barcelona
  • 49pax

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