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A hot Thursday in September in Barcelona, ​​and a group of 350 people coming from around the world to meet in Barcelona and spend a fun and cultural afternoon with our most technological and geographical of activities; the iPad race challenge.

After Operation bikini and a spell in the gym, our Ipad race app has returned stronger and fitter with new challenges where competition, and above all teamwork, creativity and collaboration, are necessary to overcome each of the challenges. Never before has using the city of Barcelona as your own board game been so exciting!

With 62 iPads under their arms and organized by teams, the gymkhana began in the heart of Barcelona, ​​in Plaça Catalunya. From here and for 2 hours, the participants walked and discovered the Gothic Quarter and the Born in a fun & original way. The team building experience included different checkpoints, each of which must be overcome. Will the questions be easy to answer? Will the teams be original when taking photos? Will they be embarrassed or proud when singing? Will they finish in the allotted time? How many points will they get? Who will win?

With the help of our team that were strategically located at each checkpoint, participants @Treatwell, an online web booking beauty company, managed to reach the finish line where we were waiting to welcome them.

Without any doubt, this is an exciting team building with which to have fun with your colleagues through amazing animated challenges. Come and play with us?

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