An event agency contacted us to design a tailor made team building activity that would mix iPad race to discover the city with gastronomy, we designed a brand new program for them: The Running Chef!

Guided by our treasure hunt app, each team had to complete a serie of fun challenges in the city centre, they had to buy some specific ingredients listed in the app at the Boqueria market. The finish point of the gymkhana was a cooking place where a Masterchef (an actor) welcomed each team with another experience. The teams were to use the ingredients they got at the market in order to cook the best possible traditional dish: paella, tortilla etc…

After finishing cooking, they enjoyed their well deserved meal around a cousy table. A last experience was waiting for them at the beach with a sand master contest in which they had to make their own version of the logo of the company.

A fantastic team experience that contented all the employees of this Norwegian firm and where there was only one winner!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Tailored made program
  • Theme: iPad City discovery & Cooking
  • Place: Barcelona
  • 38pax

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