Raise awareness and take action!

Team building activities and educative workshops to learn about SDGs and tackle climate change.

Get ready for the green transition!


High Fidelity Collective helps you to implement your green transition, we design and produce team events that help companies to raise awareness on climate change and allow them to take actions.

We promote and produce creative educational workshops and team building activities both recreational and collaborative that will help your company to learn about sustainable development goals and climate change. We inspire your group with eco friendly programs including experiences that enhance the acquisition of positive and environmentally friendly values ​​and attitudes.

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Activities to raise awareness

Team building activities and educative workshops to learn about SDGs and how to tackle climate change.

Raise awareness about SDGs with an outdoor game

Turn your team into eco heroes, create positive impact!

Enjoy an outdoor, geolocated iPad game to discover the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Have fun overcoming challenges related to sustainability with our APP. An interactive game to compete with your team in creative challenges that will raise awareness about sustainability problems and climate change.

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An immersive workshop to explore actions for a greener future

Learn how we can act together for climate! 

Based on scientific data from recognized organizations (IPCC, World Bank, OECD, FAO). The 2TONNES workshop is an immersive and collaborative workshop that helps participants Build your vision on the actions needed to reduce your carbon footprint
until 2050.

The workshop gives a global, concrete and quantified vision that covers the
main sectors of the economy and society (food, transport, industry, energy), both at the level individual as well as at the collective level.

Challenge your team with a collaborative and creative workshop

Raise awareness about climate change!

Climate Fresque is a sustainable workshop designed to spread awareness and understand climate change. Accompanied by facilitators experts in sustanability, the teams will have to link the cards in order of cause and consequence. The game will allow the participating teams to understand the IPCC reports in a fun way (Intercontinental panel on climate change).

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bio battery sustanaible team building

Learn how to create clean energy

Cutting edge Team building experience

Learn how to create clean energy from the nature, building biological batteries with your team. Join to build a greener future to the planet  through this innovative activity.
A team building activity committed to sustainable development goals.

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Raise awareness in a systemic way of the issues related to the Ocean

Understand the impacts of human activities on this ecosystem.

Based on IPCC & IPBES reports AND inspired by the Climate Mural, the Ocean Mural workshop raises awareness about the main threats that threaten the oceans and the impacts of our activities in this ecosystem.

As a team we build a systemic vision of the ocean by immersing ourselves in 6 Topics: ocean ecosystem services, marine biodiversity, fishing, pollution, maritime industries and change climate. We conclude the workshop by talking about individual actions and collective with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals.


Introduce your audience to zero waste and the circular economy

give the first steps to reduce your waste,

With this introductory course to zerowaste and the circular economy, we explain how to give the first daily steps to significantly reduce your waste, at your own pace. Question and debate time at the end of each chapter

Challenge your team with an interactive outdoor game to overcome challenges related to sustainability.

Enjoy a private visit of CRAM: Conservation & Recuperation of Marine Animals.

ECO Heroes® in the Delta de Llobregat is an outdoor game that challenges participants to complete a journey on e-bike overcoming challenges related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals while also having the chance to visit the CRAM centre. The Conservation & Recuperation of Marine Animals.

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Activities to take actions

Workshops and team experiences with positive social and environmental impact to accelerate the transition towards new paradigms of Sustainable progress

Bike social team building

Challenge your team to build bycicle.

Ride for a project that enhances inclusion and cooperation


MOUNT & RIDE is a hands-on team building activity that challenges teams to build bicycles that will be donated to a chosen social project. Choose the social projects you want to donate the bicycles and we take care of the rest. Create with your team building experience a positive social impact!

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Uniqueness and beauty biotechnology

Discover the new technologies against climate change

We seek solutions for a better world through biotechnology that takes advantage of the richness of the nature. We offer an innovating workshop combined with a tour through different natural landscapes and endemic species of Ibiza & Formentera’s islands in which information is offered endorsed by renowned biologists.

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Leave the beach better than you found it

Waste and plastics remove

Participate in cleanup activities targeting natural spaces and coastal areas: beaches, forests and streets. The aim of this activity is not only to clean up trash, but also to increase awareness about the worrying issued related with pollution and bad management of urban solid wastes.

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Understand how to protect the forests

Take action cleaning a forest with a plogging activity

You wish to find out how does climate change affect forests? What benefits and limitations does reforestation have as a method?

We offer a conference to understand how to fight against climate change and what can we do to conserve and protect forests. The talk is followed by a forest clean up plogging activity in a natural park. Waste collected is converted into a contribution for a reforestation project.

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