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Activities committed to sustainable development goals

Raise awareness about SDGs with an outdoor game

Turn your team into eco heroes, create positive impact!

Turn your team into natural heroes! Divided into teams, participants are challenged to follow a route on their iPads and overcome various challenges related to 17 SDGs. Points that will be converted at the end of the game in contribution to help the planet. Enjoy an educational, motivating and fun team building activity and create positive impact.

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Leave the beach better than you found it

Waste and plastics remove

Participate in cleanup activities targeting natural spaces and coastal areas: beaches, forests and streets. The aim of this activity is not only to clean up trash, but also to increase awareness about the worrying issued related with pollution and bad management of urban solid wastes.

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Become a climate change ambassador!

A virtual Team building challenge

You and your team will face the challenge to end with the climate change issue once for all! Test your communication and leadership skills through intellectual, imaginative and interactive challenges. A team building activity committed to sustainable development goals.

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bio battery sustanaible team building

Learn how to create clean energy

Cutting edge Team building experience

Learn how to create clean energy from the nature, building biological batteries with your team. Join to build a greener future to the planet  through this innovative activity.
A team building activity committed to sustainable development goals.

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Becoming carbon Neutral

Reinvest carbon footstep into sustainable projects

All events create negative CO2 impact on our planet and contributes to global warming. We propose to compensate youe event’s footprint participating in sustainable environmental projects. Planting trees, shrubs and aquatic plants, removal of invasive vegetation, dune and plantation maintenance.

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Bike social team building

Challenge your team to build bycicle.

Ride for a project that enhances inclusion and cooperation


MOUNT & RIDE is a hands-on team building activity that challenges teams to build bicycles that will be donated to a chosen social project. Choose the social projects you want to donate the bicycles and we take care of the rest. Create with your team building experience a positive social impact!

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Uniqueness and beauty biotechnology

Discover the new technologies against climate change

We seek solutions for a better world through biotechnology that takes advantage of the richness of the nature. We offer an innovating workshop combined with a tour through different natural landscapes and endemic species of Ibiza & Formentera’s islands in which information is offered endorsed by renowned biologists.

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