Unique & energetic team buildings

Engage & boost your audience

Start your meeting on the right foot!

Inject energy to your attendees before a long meeting or speaking session. A great warm up for motivating large groups. A very short but effective intervention (5-10mn max). Let’s generate a high level of attention, impact and wake up the neurons of your group.

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Start your meeting on the right foot

A short but effective kick off to boost your team

A short but effective kick off activity to start well your meeting. We offer a team building activity based on Haka, the ancient dance of the Maori that was traditionally used to prepare for war. Be ready for any challenge that arises during this energiser that will help your team to become one unit, feel the strength of your collective and give power to your group.

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Wake up your team with rythm!

An energiser to bring happy vibe 

Marching band, a warm up exercise to feel the rythm and to wake your team with music. Convert your meeting into a lively and dynamic gathering thanks to our professional percussionists that will energise and boost your team.

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