One of my biggest passions, apart from skating, surfing and music, is packing my bag and discover the world. As a teenager, I realized that learning about new cultures and countries made me a better person. I strongly believe that the best lessons in life are learned travelling, and therefore packing my bag and going for a new track has been a priority during my whole life. During my studies I lived in the UK, US and Mexico: this last one, a country I know better than France, my home. I studied international commerce; I live in Barcelona since 2005 and I worked 10 years in the fashion retail industry for companies from France, UK and Spain. My last experiences made me reflect on the importance of teamwork and that the most important is enjoying the job you do as an adventure and opportunity to meet new interesting people.

My last adventure: Cuba

During my two years in Mexico my dream was to cross the Caribbean and discover Cuba: a country that has taken its own path, developed its own way. Isolated from the rest of the world since the revolution of ’69, I had always been interested in its lifestyle: the society, the cultural scene and the administration of natural resources.

With a special feeling I remember my years in Mexico because they changed me and my destiny: in Mexico I met Emma, the woman of my life. Now, after 14 years together, we have two kids to whom we want to pass on the message: how beautiful this world and its cultures are. My wife surprised me with a ticket to Cuba for my last birthday this year and for the first time, our two kids were in!

A daddy backpacker: does it work?

I always travel light and with no big plans: I love to go with the flow in new places, to feel its vibes and move on -or stay. Apart from the passport and some cash (basic), I only pack a map, a camera, a swimsuit and T-shirt, a pair of sneakers, flipflops and sun glasses. However, this time packing felt different: although we tried to follow the same light-packing philosophy, some items could not be left behind: nappies, extra clothes and sun cream. Putting in first place the well-being of the little ones was a priority. If they felt cool, we would feel cool and relaxed too.

One of the greatest things of this first backpack trip with kids has been to experience it through their eyes: they saw a whole new world in every new little thing, and the happiness and joy of the discovery felt endless. Their incredible capacity to learn new things in a relaxed and so-normal way impressed me: on route 10 days, my 2-years-old Eliott improved quite much his French and Theodore, who got 5 in La Havana, ended up talking Spanish with a strong Cuban accent. They both made friends in every village we visited. Impressive!

Cuba was an intense and stimulating experience. To enjoy its nature and culture with my family, in a country where rules are completely different, made us stronger and closer to each other. Even though the backpack had a some more kilos than a few years ago, the memories collected cannot be compared with anything in the world and are every gram and sleepless night worth it. I hope this to be the first of lots of new family adventures!

Igor Lafforgue

Team HFC


French and gourmet: Igor is the first bon vivant skater of the city of Barcelona, his hometown since 2005. His passion for travelling and discovering new tracks have taken him to live in different countries during his life. In Mexico, country where he lived for two years, he met his beloved life and travel partner. Their two sweet kids are bright and are inspired by the energy and passion of their parents. A reggae and rock fan, le bleu is the friend that, right before the sunset, asks you to go for a last drink. And, well, who could resist? 

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