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Nature based meeting program to realign your team

We organise outdoor meetings selecting the best spots in the most beautiful natural destinations of Barcelona and Catalonia. Our meeting formats are designed to provide the right climate in order to motivate, inspire and develop your team cohesion. We create stimulating programs in environments that allow you to strengthen relationships and the cohesion of your team. A full-day meeting allows you to combine outdoor working sessions with team-building experiences. Realign and empower your team.

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Outdoor offsite seminaires to transform your team

We organise outdoor seminars close to nature in the Oriental Pyrenees, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. We tailor make the logistics of your event to your needs and combine your objectives with stimulating experiences that reinforce your message. Our offsite seminars sets the right climate for the change and transformation of your team. Getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes necessary to engage quality conversations, understand complex issues and forge new alliances.

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We help you to set the right climate for change & move from real to ideal

Team cohesion, building trust within a group are the key factors for success. We support and create the ideal conditions to develop a common experience and team spirit. We offer personalised and tailor-made cohesion plans. Your values, your objectives, your budget will be adapted to co-create a program combining team building workshops and outdoor work sessions. Strenghten your people, create the right climate for change and make your team evolve from real to ideal.

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Create the climate for Change

We design and produce inclusive, sustainable outdoor meetings in inspiring environments in order to motivate, develop and transform your team. People are the most valuable asset of any organisation and shared experiences are the best way to connect and learn.

Why organising offsite meetings?

Staff motivation

An incentive program can increase employee productivity by up to 44%.

Employee retention

The presence of an incentive program motivated 66% of employees to stay at their job.


Talent retention can generate between 25% and 85% increase in company profits.

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