Our main tools to transform your team

We co-create your own personalised team cohesion plan combining three meeting formats. We tailor make your plan to your objectives.

Offsite meetings & conferences

Evolutionary programs, itinerant meetings in inspiring outdoor settings.

Team building workshops

Collaborative & stimulating team building to transfer learnings to the professional context

Team incentives & events

Incentive experiences & celebration events to have fun & get to know each other better

Working process

We help you to design the right climate for change adapting the internal events planning to  your objectives & budget. Our objective: Motivate, boost perfomance and enhance your Team Cohesion.

Understand & alignment of impact areas

Co-creation of cohesion plan with client

Implementation of annual action plan by phases

Sustain with feed back & action plan adjustments

Creation phases for your team cohesion plan

1. Identification of needs

Your motivations, expectations, HR objectives, budget available

2. Decision on who leads the content

Co-created with HFC facilitators or designed and provided by the client

3. Development of content

Defining the necessary sequences, dynamics and processes

4. Agreement on scenarios

Workspaces, accomodations, activities, transport, F&B

5. Integration of event with territory

Consolidation of plan with territory, environment & local community

6. Budget & annual planning

Creation of detailed price breakdown, retro-planning and agendas

7. Outdoor team events

Design, production and coordination of team transformation events

8. Feedback and adjustments

Readjustment of action plan based on client’s assessment on past experiences

Why invest in a team cohesion plan?

When the right stimulus is found to stimulate the growth of a company, then the keys to the success of the business has been located.

Staff motivation

Longer term programs have more impact than shorter term programs and recognition programs can boost performance by 44% staff motivation. 90% of business leaders believe that an engagement strategy could positively impact their business.

Staff rentention

For every 3 employees, 2 are dismotivated and planning to resign from their job. The presence of a corporate incentive program motivated 66% of employees to stay at their job. 70% companies use gamification to boost retention, engagement, and revenues.

Retain talents

A 5% increase in employee retention can generate a 25% to 85% increase in profitability. 77% of employees are willing to work harder if they are appreciated and only 29% feel engaged and do their jobs with a high degree of passion.

47% of employees indicate that boosting morale and carrer development and training are the incentives that would make them better engaged at work.

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Willing to make your team evolve from real to ideal?

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