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iPad race challenge: Customized treasure hunt on tablets

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If the group starts this city rally running right after the briefing, the chances are very high that the iPad race will be funny and exciting! And, of course, there is nothing we like more than to see our teams excited.

For this group of 121 members, we organized 16 teams to compete against each other in this urban rally iPad race. Every team had to overcome different challenges like taking creative pictures with their own iPad, making videos or singing inside emblematic buildings of Barcelona within a pre-established period of time. Playing life against each other, competing with their iPads and App tools, teams competed in a very passionate way along the old streets of the city of Barcelona. A delicious lunch in Rambla Catalunya was a good way to celebrate the victory of the winners and the joy to compete and play against each other for a beautiful goal: make the team even stronger. God job!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Urban rally
  • Theme: Full day activity
  • Place: Barcelona City Center
  • 120pax

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