A team of 105 members ran the streets of Barcelona city centre on 15th February with one common goal: to reproduce a stolen Picasso masterpiece in less than three hours. Good news: they made it! But wait, how did they achieve this ambitious challenge?

HFC Art Scam challenge is an urban, outdoor game that combines logical thought and artistic talent. The team activity begins with a brief: the most important art piece from Picasso has been stolen from the Picasso Museum and thieves, hidden in different spots of Barcelona city centre, are waiting for the counterfeiters to make an exact copy of the painting and replace it before the museum open its doors again.

Each team was given a map to find the exact location of the thieves, that with crazy costumes and ingenious challenges, engaged participants and pushed them to find out hidden clues. The time was over and groups collected all necessary parts of the painting to create a giant masterpiece, that was exposed in the gardens of the exclusive Miramar restaurant, in Montjuïc, with views to the city of Barcelona, where the team, together again, could enjoy a Mediterranean dinner and celebrate the good team work.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: The Art scam
  • Theme: Evening activity + dinner with views in restaurant Miramar
  • Place: Barcelona city centre
  • 170pax

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