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A team building experience to reproduce a Picasso masterpiece and turn it into a huge piece of art: HFC U Art Connect is a tailor-made artistic team experience that will make possible, through different phases and processes, to turn your team into artists. No previous knowledge needed!

After an artistic brief to contextualize the workshop, we divided the group into teams. Each team was given the task to reproduce, with paint and in a canvas, a part of Picaso’s famous masterpiece Woman with a red hat. After calculating the amount of paint that they would need, the teams began sketching the designs on their canvas, coordinating this task with the other teams. The last phase was to bring colour to each canvas. Once the time was over, we brought all parts together and the result was beautiful: Picaso’s painting was successfully reproduced in big format thanks to the effort, collaboration and talent of everyone. A beautiful proof of the benefits of team work to hand on the walls of the office!

The team of 18 people could celebrate now the success with delicious finger food and drinks. Congratulations and, of course, all the best for the coming year!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: U art Connect
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Barcelona Art Gallery
  • 18pax

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