The artistic legacy of Picasso is still today, and worldwide, source of inspiration. His style, innovative and radical, changed the cultural scene of the mid 20th Century. The avant-gardes, being Picasso one of the biggest figures of this cultural movement, created community, took risks, were compromised with their ideas and fought for what they believed. They founded, maybe overseen, some of the values that, till today, are key to teamwork success.

BASF asked us to design their kick off event, where roles and responsibilities were to be communicated to participants. The values connected to Picasso’s work offer, in this sense, an ideological framework very suitable with  BASF goals. Our team building experienceArt Connection“, in which Picasso’s masterpiece “Bust of Woman with Hat” is to be reproduced in huge dimensions in different teams, was an effective exercise to experience and feel Picasso’s life and work, as well as to work together in common and, therefore, reinforce BASF’s corporative message.

This team building experience took place in Espacio88, a urban industrial location in Barcelona. After a short briefing on Picasso’s universe and values from our team Amfivia, the challenge was posed and a few clues on how to successfully achieve the challenge given. In this sense, Amfivia established the method; the participants, the attitude and the abilities.

Freshly brewed coffee from Skye’s food truck and delicious snacks from Barcelona’s Hoffman bakery helped cheering the mood of participants during the day, that ended  with gazes of emotion and satisfaction: they made it! And the masterpiece in huge dimensions looked gorgeous. A good team work full of significance and team values. To all BASF’ mission ambassadors: good luck in this brand new stage from team Amfivia!



Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Art Connection
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Espacio88 (Barcelona)
  • 60pax

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